King Kalm 150mg Canine & Feline CBD Oil


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We have teamed up with King Kanine, LLC to introduce our new “King Kalm CBD™ Pet product line for dogs and cats.

This high-quality CBD oil is derived from the best agricultural hemp, and suspended in high Omega 3 Fish oil and Hemp Oil. This 30 ml bottle comes with two empty oral syringes for easy application for Dogs or Cats.

Ingredients: CBD Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Fish Oil, PCR Full Spectrum Oils, Lavender, Omega-3 Krill oil

Available in three dosage options:

  • King Kalm CBD™ (75mg)
    Regular Strength infused with Lavender
  • King Kalm CBD™ (150mg)
    Extra Strength infused with Lavender
  • King Kalm CBD™ (300mg)
    Pro Strength infused with Lavender

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this work for senior dogs and arthritis?

Let’s first break down the word arthritis: arthro- refers to joint, and –itis refers to inflammation – together it translates to joint inflammation.” CBD can be highly effective at reducing inflammation in general, but it happens to have a profound effect on the joints in particular. We believe this is due to the constant use and demand of the joints, particularly in a quadrupedal animal like our canine or feline family members!

– No prescription or card needed!