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A great article that simply breaks down the connection of CBD  oil to treat ADHD and other psychiatric health issues easily digestible for the public-

This is an abstract summary of a study done by the New York Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University in March of 2016-

This is a study done by the University of New York in Albany Department of Psychology that used data from 2,811 Cannabis users-

Randomised-Controlled Trial linking Cannabinoids to ADD/ADHD relief-


Alzheimer’s Relief


Proof in principle that CBD can be therapeutic for Alzheimers-


Anxiety Relief

A presentation to congress in an attempt to legalize medicinal marijuana and to try to get CBD off of the Stage 1 Banned Substances list federally.

This has a great overview about many benefits (including anti-anxiety) of CBD-

Clinical Study on cannabinoids & mood disorders-

This is an article about the effects of CBD on anxiety and other related conditions-

Clinical study on the effects of CBD on social anxiety-

An article about the future of federal clinical testing of CBD as treatment for Anxiety, PTSD, and Alcoholism among other things-

Cancer Relief

Cannabinoids role against oxidative stress, inflammation and cancer-

Breast Cancer Study –

Articles on the effects of CBD and Cannabinoids on various types of Cancer-

A clinical study done by the Department of Pharmacology, Chemotherapy and Toxicology, University of Milan (Italy) that investigates CBD as a therapy for Cancer patients-

A study done in Busto Arsizio, Italy, that supports a hypothesis that CBD is an effective agent in Cancer therapy-

A study done by the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology , Rostock University Medical Center (Germany) that concludes that CBD may help fight cancer-

An article by Forbes magazine citing a study on mice that showed they are three times as likely to recover from Cancer if they were given CBD in addition to their chemotherapy-

Crohn’s Disease Articles and Clinical Studies

A clinical study about CBD possible helping bowel diseases.

Clinical study (along with great diagram) of  cannabis used to treat Crohn’s

Clinical study, very thorough explanation of how the central nervous system accomplishes anti-inflammation to help with various digestive issues

Article that is easy to read and overviews the treatment with CBD/Marijuana

Depression Relief

Study done by Rockefeller University Neuroendocrinology Lab on treating mood disorders with CBD-

Study done by University of Mississippi Pharmacology Department on the effects of Cannabinoids on mood enhancement-

Article from Forbes talking about how people are using CBD to get off of their meds-

A study done on animals by the University of  Rio De Jeneiro institute of Psychiatry that showed an Antidepressant effect-

Article about CBD effects on Anxiety and other similar conditions-

Diabetes Articles and Clinical Studies

Clinical study on the effects of cannabinoids on Diabetes done by the division of Physiology at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Bethesda, MD-

Article about how CBD could treat Diabetes-,-researchers-suggest-95335970

Chronic Pain Relief


Clinical study on the use of CBD to treat pains-


An article from Medical News Today about the different types of Chronic pains that CBD may help with-

11 Benefits of using CBD for pain relief-



This is a great article written by Dr. Stacey Kerr about her study on CBD and pregnancy –

PTSD Relief


PTSD Relief (case study)-


CBD as a potential PTSD therapy-


Is CBD Safe?


Non-Abusive Tendency of  CBD-


Non- Intoxicating Effects-


CBD Can help with withdrawal symptoms-


Relief from Sleep Issues

Outstanding Article summarizing the effects of CBD and other organic compounds on sleep-

Clinical study on the effects of Cannabinoids on Sleep performed by the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System at Palo Alto University-

Article about CBD helping with Insomnia and Sleep Apnea-

Clinical study on the effect of CBD on sleep/wake cycles on Rats performed by the University of Sao Paolo-

A study done on the Endocannabinoid System by the Medical University of South Carolina determining that it helps regulate sleep-